WL-032ABL : ชั้นวางเครื่องมือช่าง 3 ชั้น article

ชั้นวางเครื่องมือช่าง แบบ 3 ชั้น
รหัสสินค้า : WL-032ABL

• ขนาด
- ความกว้าง 70 cm.
- ความยาว 97 cm.
- ความลึก 41 cm.
• Material:Plastic
• Finishing:Plastic Spraying

วิธีการประกอบ ชั้นวางเครื่องมือ

Operation steps
1.Put the underlying board on the floor then penetrate the aluminium pipes into the pillar and hammer them from their frontispiece forcibly with wood sticks or rubber hammer.

2.Penetrade the middle board into open end of the correspondence aluminium pipe then hammer the board from the frontispiece of the pillar forcibly until the pillars are embeded in the aluminium pipes completely. As the same way, install the up board.

3.Overturn the trolley then put the wheels into the hole location which is on the underlying board base. Hammer them from the frontispiece of the wheels with wood sticks or rubber hammer.

4.Reoverturn the trolley after finished installing the wheels, put the handles into the narrow end of the up board. Then hammer the handles from the frontispiece of theri pillar forcibly with wood sticks or rubber hammer.


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